Heritage Stone Art
Mounting and Hanging Solutions

All of the Heritage Stone Birdhouses and Feeders are functional works of art and as such should be mounted in location just like framing any treasured piece of artwork. They can be hung or post mounted as shown on this page.
We recommend that you choose a location that you can enjoy from indoors and outdoors while paying attention to a location that suits the birds. (Please refer to our Information Page).

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Heritage Universal Post Mount

Our own design is attractive and is designed to level on top of or on the side of a wooden post (fence post, deck post or even an old tree). Up through the bottom it can be secured to a metal post. Includes hardware and assembly ready for mounting.


Here is a simple but attractive solution. You can insert two 10lb rated eyelets into the very top edge of the roof. Twine jute for a rustic look or a gold chain for a rich look. We can set the eyelets upon purchase and attach a gold chain.


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updated 11 June 2008