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I rely on some advertising (Harrowsmith Country Living and Canadian Gardener). I also will be doing a few shows and displays at select garden centers, such as Canning Perennial in Paris, Ontario, but most of all I rely on word of mouth, so please continue to tell your friends to visit my site.
Thank you for your valued support! If you would like to post a testimonial or a photo of your Heritage Birdhouse in your special garden please contact me either by phone (519) 742-3086 or email Heritage Stone Art

Fran from Ontario called to say: "Sandy just opened her birthday gift at work and she was crying! She loves it and all the girls do too and they want one, do you have anymore? Thank you so much, you made my day!" So I decided to make more.

Jane from Nova Scotia emailed to say: "Tony we just want to say that we opened our package and the stone birdhouse is gorgeous and we will cherish it as part of our home forever." Jane's Heritage Stone Birdhouse was a custom one.

Marg from Nova Scotia called to say: "Kathy was telling me about the birdhouses and I wanted to order one, it's beautiful! We get a lot of chickadees here and I know exactly where we are going to put it."

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To order your Heritage Bird House call Tony (519) 742-3086
Email: Heritage Stone Art

Free Delivery in the KW area. Shipping within Canada approximately $12.00 1 week delivery.

updated 5 March 2009