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Death Certificate Registered in Hendon, Willesden, Middlesex
No. 68
When and Where: 12 Dec 1891
Name: Eliza Cooper, Female
Age: 57 Years
Occupation: Widow of Samuel Goodall Cooper, A Mosaic Artist
Cause: Rupture of an aneurism in the ascending Aorta; Post Mortum Natural
Informant: Certificate received from A. Braxton Hicks, Deputy Corner for Middlesex, Inquest held 15 December 1891
Registered: 15 December 1891, John Algar Registrar

The Middlesex Courier - 18 Dec 1891

SUDDEN DEATH - Inquest - Mr. Braxton Hicks, deputy coroner, held an inquest at the Court House on Tuesday afternoon, touching the death of Mrs. Eliza Cooper, 11 Clifton Road, Harlesden. - Mrs. Bessie Cooper, wife of Richard Cooper, said she identified the body as that of her mother-in-law, Mrs. Eliza Cooper, aged 58, who had been living with her since the fourth of November. She had a slight cold lately, but it was nothing of any importance. On Friday she stayed in bed all day, as she frequently did. Witness last saw her alive at 12 o'clock on Friday night, when she was asleep, and she appeared all right then. Next morning when witness took up her breakfast about ten o'clock, as usual, she found her dead. She was lying on her right side in quite a natural position. - Dr. Hall said he was called to see deceased at about 10:30 on Saturday morning, when he found her dead. She appeared to have been dead about three or four hours. He had since made a post-mortem examination, and on the brain had found a tumour the size of a small orange, just behind the optic nerve, which no doubt accounted for her blindness. Upon examining the heart, he found that an aneurism or swelling in the aorta, a large blood vessel leading from the heart had broken and the bleeding consequent thereon was the immediate cause of death. - The jury returned a verdict of "Death from natural causes."

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