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Cecil and Clara Marriage Certificate
Ontario Marriage Registers: Charles Cecil H. Cooper, May 24, 1906
#009657-06, Glen Williams 21M31

Name of Groom Cooper, Charles Cecil Henry
Age of Groom 20
Date of Marriage 24th May, 1906
Place of Marriage Glen Williams
Residence when married Glen Williams
Place Born London, England
Bachelor or Widower Bachelor
Occupation Glove Cutter
Father Name Cooper, Arthur Ronald
Mother Maiden Name -------, Alexandra
Religion Anglican
Bride Name Schaller, Clara
Bride Age 20
Residence When Married Preston, Ontario
Place Born Berlin, Ontario
Spinster or Widow Spinster
Father Name Schaller, William
Maiden Name Mother Schaller, Mary Ann
Religion Roman Catholic
Names and residence of Witnesses: George A. Robinson, Georgetown;
Dorothy Cooper, Glen Williams
Married by Whom Rev J A R MacDonald
License or Bann License
Date Registered
11th June, 1906

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