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This is the last will and testament of me Joseph Schaller of the town of Berlin in the County of Waterloo and Province of Ontario, Yeoman made this 4ourth day of June, one thousand eight hundred and eighty-five.

1.     I  give and bequeath to my wife Barbara Schaller if she shall, survive me , all my real and personal estate whatsoever and wheresoever situate absolutely for her own use and I appoint her my sole  executrix.

2.     But if I should survive my said wife, then I appoint Carl Bauer of the said town of Berlin, Carpenter, and Andreas Phale of the same place, Mason, my executors, and I devise and bequeath to them all my real and personal estate whatsoever, and wheresoever situate, to hold to them, their heirs executors, administrators and assigns, according to the several natures thereof upon trust, (such trust to be performed by them or the survivors of them, his executors or administrators) to convert the same into money by sale, collection or otherwise as the nature of the case may require and after paying my just debts funeral and testamentary expenses to divide the proceeds among my children, Joseph Schaller of the City Chicago in the state of Illinois one of  the  United States of America, painter, Margaret  Bugghy of the City of Hamilton in the County of Wentworth and Province of Ontario, wife of Arthur Bugghy of the same place, Tobacco Roller, Mary Schaller of Chicago foresaid spinster and Ferdinand Schaller of the said town of Berlin, Cabinet Maker, and my infant grandson Joseph Schaller, son of my son Jacob Schaller, my said grandson being now with his mother at the said City of Chicago, but so that each of my said children shall receive two ninths of such proceeds, and my said grandson shall receive one ninth of such proceeds.

3.     I hereby direct that the share of my said grandson Joseph Schaller, shall be accumulated at interest until he attains the age of twenty one and the said share with the accumulated interest shall not vest in my said grandson until he attains the said age, and if my said grandson shall die before attaining such age his said share and the accumulations of interest shall be equally divided among my said children, and, if any of my said shall die before becoming entitled under this paragraph, the child or children of such deceased child shall receive the share of his, her or their deceased parent.

Sg  Joseph Schaller

Joseph Schaller's Signature

Signed by the said testator, Joseph Schaller, as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us both  present at the same time, who, at his request in his sight and presence and in the presence of each other  have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses Conrad Bitzner - Barrister - Berlin Alexander Millar - Barrister - Berlin

headstone Mount Hope Cemetary
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada


Extracted from The Berliner Journal, Jan 5, 1888.
Joseph Schaller Dec 28, 1887
Joseph Schaller died in Berlin at the age of 63 years, 11 months, 7 days.

Anno 1887, Die 28, Mensis Dec
Joseph Schaller, Greenbuch, 63 ans
In communione S Matris Ecclesiae animan Deo reddidit Sacramentis munit uf cujus corpus die 30 mensis Dec
Sepultum est in Caemiterio Berolini infi Natuf in Bavaria, mohimo
Nio suncty Barbara N ai Bumby

Barbara Brem

Preston 9 Dec 1902
Death of Mrs. Schaller

The death occurred this morning at 5:30 o'clock of Mrs. Barbara Schaller, at the home of her son, Ferdinand Schaller, King Street.  Deceased was in her 82nd year and was a member of the RC Church.  Interment will probably take place at Berlin.

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