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Extracted from “The Berliner Journal” ,  March 9, 1882

Jacob Schaller

Jakob Schaller, March 2, 1882, - Jakob Schaller of Berlin died in Chicago of smallpox at age of 25 years, six months and 21 days. He was a typesetter and learned his trade in the "Journal" press. For several years he had been second in command of the "New Free Press" in Chicago. He is survived by his widow and one child, who mourn his premature death.

Extracted from "Chicago Tribune", Sunday March 5, 1882 - Page 8

SCHALLER-March 2, at his late residence, 123 West Erie-St., Jake Schaller, beloved husband of Catherine Clarke, aged 24 years and 6 months.

Jacob Schaller (Schalor) died at 123 West Erie (Ward 14). Mrs. Schalor was at 206 Fulton St.. Jacob was buried in Calvary Cemetery. He died in 1882 and at that time was a resident of Chicago for 3 years.

Smallpox was a constant threat throughout the 19th century. The city built its first smallpox hospital in 1843. A vaccination campaign was carried out in 1848. After another epidemic, compulsory vaccination in 1868 resulted in 95% of the city's population being vaccinated. Vaccination and quarantine measures, although effective, did not totally stop smallpox epidemics until 1893 due to the large number of unvaccinated immigrants coming to the city. 

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Jacobus Schaller (Baptism Record)

Born August 11 at 2 am 1856, baptized September 1856 by Father Mesner in the church of St. Agatha. He is the legitimate son of Josef Schaller and Barbara Brem of Greenbush (Bavaria). 

Godparents:  Antonius Elmlinger and Victoria Rigel.

Note - Antonius Elmlinger was a school teacher at St. Agatha.

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